Saturday, February 6, 2016

Ten years ago an email sent by Mosood Lohar

From: "Masood Ahmed" <
Subject: [kawishwriters] Mallah's article and Sindhi on Internet conference
Date: Thu, 26 Jan 2006 06:44:01 -0000

Todays Kawish carries a wonderful article by Ali Hassan Mallah,( an
Internet and computer wizard, living in Jamshoro. This is his second
article on the subject. The insight and commitment that Mallah has
shown encourages us all. Personally I am relieved, really. At least
there are some technical people like Ali and Majid Bhurgri who are
thinking and doing on those lines.

For last 4 years whatever I write in sindhi, I do it on my laptop,
using Majid Bhurgri's sindhi software which is free, easy to use
(kayboard wise and operationally) and internet friendly. I remember
chatting with my sindhi medium family in sindhi on msn and yahoo
while i was in UK. You can send emails in sindhi and read it. you
can do work in sindhi on word, excel, power point, access, publisher
etc, making everything possible.

I think there is a need for networking of all such people like Ali
so that what ever they are doing individually can synergize. A small
conference of such people would be of great help. May be Mushtaq
Mirani can do something for this (as he normally encourges every
one). A conference-cum-interactive gathering where such computer
wizards can share their views and chalk out some plans. ideally
sindhi language authority should take this seriously. (Junejo sahib,
are you reading this please?).

A note for great Manzoor Mirani, Aziz and Ishaq: We writers
noramally fax you whatever we write because you can not open the
sindhi word files emailed to you. Is it possible that somehow you
open the attachements and edit directly on computer... Thanks

Thank you Ali. Please keep writing.