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CV of Ali Hassan Mallah


 curriculum vitae

Date of Birth: 24th August 1968
Mobile: 0923003440426
           : 0923332667606
E-mail: alihassan@indusilicon.com
 Indusilicon software
 Opp:JS Bank,Main Road

Ali Hassan Mallah

I am a versatile, hands-on developer with over 10 years’ experience working on a variety of projects from conception to delivery. I am conversant in a wide range of technologies - most notably .Sindhi Software localization. My approach is methodical but creative, and I always look to code to the highest standards possible. I am a confident communicator and am comfortable working either independently or as part of a team.

Skills Summary:

•    PHP
•    SQL Server
•    VB.NET
•    HTML / CSS / JavaScript


Personal Computer Environment (PCE)
Mehran University of Engineering & Technology (MUET),Jamshoro Sindh

Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Science (PGD)
University of Sindh, Jamshoro, Sindh

Masters in Computer Science (M.Sc)
Virtual University, Hyderabad Campus


•    1987 – 1988 Government Boys High School, District Jamshoro

•    1989 – 1990 Government Boys Degree College, Kotri District Jamshoro

•    1991 – 1992 Government Boys Degree College, Sehwan Sharif District Jamshoro
Bachelor of Arts,(BA)

Website Development:

All Pakistan Clerks Association    apcapk.org

Sindh Taraqi Pasand Party    sindhtaraqipassandparty.org

Sorath Samaji Tarqiyatti Tanzeem    sorath.org

English Sindhi Dictionary    english-sindhidictionary.com

Green Sahara Foundation     gsf.org.pk

Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto Chair    smbbcuok.com

Image computers Hyderabad    imagecomputers.com.pk

Indus Band Jamshoro    indusband.com

indusilicon Academy Jamshoro    indusilicon.net

Khairpur Nathan Shah    knshah.com

Waseem Mehranjo    mehranjo.com

My Flying Stories    myflyingstories.com

Paper Ads    paper-ads.com

Participatory Efforts for Healthy Environment    pehesindh.org

Rashid Soft    rashidsoft.com

Sindh Desert Development Organization    sddo.org

Sindh Youth Organization for Human Welfare    syohw.org

Shikarpur Online    shikarpuronline.com

Sindhica Academy Karachi    sindhica.net

Communities Support Programme    cspsindh.org

District Development Association Tharparkar    ddatsindh.org

Brahui Research Institute    brahui.net

Brahui Academy    brahuiacademy.com

Integrated Rural Awarness & Development Organization    iradosindh.org

Education & Enterprise Development Organization    pehesindh.org

Sindh Community Foundation    scfngo.org

Roshni Development Organizatio    roshnipk.org

Qalandari Instatute    qiroppakistan.com

Kavita Publications Hyderabad    kavitapublications.com

Software Development:

•    2008 Sindhi Smart Hardware Controller
 Platform: VB 6.0

•    2009 Sindhi Smart Jogi ( Fortune Predicator )
 Platform: JavaScript, HTML 4.0

•    2011 Surhan Sindhi Primary Teaching Software
 Platform: Multimedia Flash CS

Software Development Work in Progress:

•    2013 – Sindhi Keyboard Layout Based Gujarati keyboard & Transliterate Software
 Progress: Initial Level

•    2013 – Sindhi Keyboard Layout Based Gurmukhi keyboard & Transliterate Software
 Progress: Initial Level

•    2013 – Sindhi Keyboard Layout Based Shahmukhi keyboard & Transliterate Software
 Progress: Middle Level

•    2013 – Sindhi Keyboard Layout Based Devanagri keyboard & Transliterate Software
 Progress: Initial Level

•    2013 – Sindhi Keyboard Layout Based Khojiki keyboard
 Progress: Initial Level


More than 10 feature & Research Articles Published in Different Sindhi News Papers Journals


    Connect 2012
22 to 24 May 2012 Expo Center Karachi

31 May2012 Indus Hotel Hyderabad

Media Coverage:


Sindhi, English  ,Urdu

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How to Politics to Polish Education

How to Politics to Polish Education?

By Mansoor Mirani
Before I elaborate relation between politics and education, I would like to define these terms. Apparently, Politics and Education are two different things and two discrete principles. The education is the process of evolution of human thought and knowledge and skills which is gained in both educational institutions and society which is adopted from the environment and the politics in general terms is the process for implementing, imposing policies and plans in the society with respect to needs of society. Education and Politics are like arms of body for a society, they look different but they are never separate things.

 For simpler you make take education as theory and practical and politics as the process for its implementation. Politics is not merely a system of parties, groups or lobbies but it is a plate form for the people of a society to govern, administrate and manage the society, to them education is a vision and a critical cognitive approach towards the development and the problems of the society

 Bertrand Russell said “Education should not aim at dead awareness of static facts but at any activity directed towards world that our efforts are to create.” He further said “almost all education has political motives.”

It is the greatest dilemma for our society that we have torn apart politics and education, in a result of that in current era we do not have policy makers, worthy administrators and intellectuals to run the country. We have shameful example of those MNA’s and MPA’s who were pronounced disqualified and ineligible candidates who held fake degree before their names.

May I ask why we are economically weak? Why there is constant decline in value of our currency? Why our social and political institutions are not performing well? The again reason is that we have considered education and politics two different things. Economy, education and politics are inter-related with each other. Bad education produces bad politics and bad politics weakens the economy of the nation.

If you think that your aloofness from politics will protect you and keep you safe from being humiliated, you think wrong. Instead your attitude of carelessness will be the reason of your despair, disappointment when in future ineligible people be will be governing you. It will be more humiliating for you.

 In this modern world where, education is considered as political institution where prominent policymakers have emerged from educational institutions like Kishore Mahboobani, a writer, a teacher, a diplomat, who remained a permanent ambassador of Singapore at UNO for twenty years continuously and has made lasting effect on economy of the world. He is regarded as one of fifty people who can change the economy of the world because the policies he makes are much enduring and effective operators.

Today china is politically stable and economically strong, and soon it will be crowned as World’s largest economy. Isn’t it because of their political and educational development? Thus I conclude that politics is to polish education and it is necessary to keep both Education and Politics go together to produce diplomats, policymakers and administrators for the nation.

Meaning of "MALALA" is Three times "NO"

Malala Yousafzai
Malala Yousafzai , is top position in Google Trends ,her name Malala Yousafzai has 3 "NO" MA in SINDHI Language, means "No",LA in ARABIC Language, means "No" & again LA in ARABIC Language, means "No" So she is symbol "no" so she has three fold dare to NO to evil forces
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How to Write Content for Non Governmental Organization?

Writing  Content for Non Governmental Organization in the Developing Countries, off course, is an art.
Always writers focus on the Donors based priorities, however, Donors based priorities and ground realties are two important approaches towards issues of specific area ,following important topic title are written for guideline
Organization (Orbanization’s Name) is a registered non-profit philanthropy organization since 2005 under Voluntary Social Welfare Agencies (Registration and Control) Ordinance, 1961. The organization has been working for The Marginalized Communities of Backward and Desert Area, the empowerment of women, children, and youth in their socio-economic development since its inception by focusing in the following areas: Literacy, Education and Training; Human Rights and justice; Gender and Development; Participatory Development; Development Projects.

Vision and Mission

Organization (Orbanization’s Name)  is committed to bring positive changes in the society by promoting equality, peace, harmony and democratization. It works for world of hope, real harmonized economically strong society that can fulfill all fundamental rights of human beings in this part of the country.


The structure of the Organization (Orbanization’s Name)  comprised of two main bodies i) executive body and ii) general body. The Executive body of the Organization (Orbanization’s Name)  comprised of 07 office bearers and 08 executive members and general body comprised of 40 members both male and female. A President heads the organization and the Secretariat head is the Secretary General. The Secretary General is also an Executive Director of Organization (Orbanization’s Name)  . He is assisted by sector specialists and an accounts officer.


The Organization (Orbanization’s Name)   has been involved and initiated a number of projects in the areas that have impact on socio-political change and economical indicators with rest of Human Development Index (HDI) such as healthcare facilities, political mobilization, socio-economic empowerment, environmental management, and formation of gross root level organizations in the communities. The diversity of experience is her biggest asset especially working in the third sector. The Organization (Orbanization’s Name)   serves in counseling, social harmony, political empowerment, governance, education, health, capacity building and advocacy.

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